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As an artist I am interested in data (internet), automation (algorithms, artifical intelligence, distributed computing), the nature of randomness and how memory is represented in a world that is radically unmanageable.

In my artistic practice I develop methods where decision making is partly automated. I am interested in the question: which decisions should be left to the computer and which decisions should be left to the artist ? Because I work with huge sets of data and therefore a lot of decisions, the progress and the process get blurred. I find myself lost in decisions, giving away control, and being in a state of active remembrance and emotional alertness.



2000 - 2005 Media Art, University Art and Design, Karlsruhe, Germany
ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany
with Boris Groys, Peter Sloterdijk, Ulay, Michael Saup
1998 - 1999 TV Technician, Düsseldorf, Germany


2009 - 2010 Startup Fund of the Berlin Senate
2008 Startup Fund of the Research and Science Center Juelich

Exhibitions (solo)

2014"Apparently, cemeteries are full of napping cops", LageEgal, Berlin
2012"Heads it's Form, Tails it's not Content", Fischerundfischer gallery, Berlin
2011"Paradox der Form", frontviews gallery, Berlin
2010"The Hat Matter", Fischerundfischer gallery, Berlin

Exhibitions (group)

2016"True Mirror", Espace Commines, Paris
2015 "High Pressure Systems", frontviews temporary, Berlin
"Forth under, skip down", frontviews temporary, Berlin
2014 "Integrale Realität", Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
"For Jean B.", Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
2012 "Meta-Ikon", September, Berlin
"Le Trac, frontviews temporary", Berlin
"Frank Eickhoff, David Matorin, Jodi's My%Desktop", Fischerundfischer gallery, Berlin
"Slide Show", frontviews temporary, Berlin
"Aus der Zeit", frontviews temporary, Berlin


2014 "We need an art of communication in order to navigate the entire picture of being", Anja Wiesinger
2011 "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch", Max Benkendorff
"Paradox der Form", Catalog
"Augmented Photography", Article


"Jungle", 2014, mixed media installation (cluster rendering network, screens)

"Painting", 2015, large scale double sided print, dimensions variable
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"Untitled", 2015, mixed media installation (cluster rendering network, screens)